About MechaniCool

We Perform All Aspects of Residential HVAC

MechaniCool is also licensed for Commercial HVAC

We live by our tagline, Where Integrity Matters, placing what is best for the client at the forefront of how our company operates, earning us a stellar reputation. Our professional, courteous technicians deliver quality workmanship while also providing education about your system, any needed repairs, or the advantages of replacement.

We provide solutions using the HVAC brands and equipment we believe in most, but we are able to repair and maintain all brands.

The Evolution of MechaniCool

In 2014 our co-owner Robert, a lifelong entrepreneur, decided it was time to strike out on his own in the HVAC industry and time to quit “checking his integrity at the door”. With his wife Jamie (our Operations Manager) they began this journey by locking arms with other business owners, leveraging the reach of social media, and possessing the determination to always do the right thing.

In 2015 their son Nick completed his HVAC training and went to work for one of the largest contractors in Arizona, where he received amazing additional training and quickly became the guy they called when a diagnosis wasn’t easily found. As of 2024, the company operates 7 service trucks and all technicians work in every aspect of our services.

MechaniCool Core Values


Our definition - Doing What is Right, Even When No One is Watching We will ALWAYS conduct business with the highest moral and ethical standards. Each team member is accountable for results, with a clear understanding that ethical standards must NEVER be compromised. We treat all customers, vendors, and each other with honesty.


We treat each other and our customers and vendors with respect and will expect the same from them in return. If they show themselves to be undeserving of our respect, we will discontinue our relationship with them.


Focus on a positive attitude. Bring a smile wherever you go.


We strive to gain understanding by listening first to hear and second to respond. Reiterate any communication that could be misunderstood. Clear expectations on both sides of communication must be clear and concise.

Serving Others

Provide solutions that are in the best interest of the client ALWAYS. Strive to go above and beyond a typical service experience. Develop trust in relationships with clients, co-workers, and vendors.


Always maintain a high standard of quality. Deliver more value that is expected every time. Act and perform in a professional manner at all times.


We work succeed as a team and fail as a team. Be quick to congratulate and slow to condemn. Ask what you can do to help your team.


Nothing will be accomplished unless people are held accountable for their actions and ultimately their results. Accept responsibility where warranted.

Lifelong Learning

Be a student of life! Never stop creating a better you by learning new things, ideas and perspectives. Keep your skills honed and discover new technologies to help serve clients better.

Education and Certifications

All of our technicians hold the EPA Universal Refrigerant Certification as required by federal law to handle refrigerant.
HVAC Technician
HVAC Maintenance Service

Robert Geng (Owner and HVAC-R Technician) completed Certified HVAC Technical Training at The Refrigeration School (RSI) and went on to obtain an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Maintenance Engineering.

Nick Geng (Owner and HVAC Technician) completed Certified HVAC Technical Training at The Refrigeration School (RSI). Nick also holds the North American Technical Excellence (NATE) Certification. He received the Combustion Performance and Carbon Monoxide Safety Certification from the National Comfort Institute (NCI).


Awards and Memberships

Ranking Arizona Mechanicool Ranked Top Ten
Ranking Arizona Top Ten

Top 10 Residential HVAC Contractor 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Mechanicool BBB A+ Rating
BBB A+ Accredited

Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Business since 2015

Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona
MTCAZ Member

Member of Mechanical Trade Contractors of Arizona (MTCAZ)

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