Air Quality

We live in one of the most wonderful climates in the country. Arizona avoids most extreme weather events (not counting the mid-summer heat and walls of dirt) and we have moderate temperatures the majority of the year. However, the beauty we live in does have its drawbacks…dust, allergens, and dryness. We have solutions to address these issues in your home and leave the desert outside.

Air Filtration


Air filters are the first line of defense for your indoor air quality and their effect on your comfort equipment. Although common pleated filters found at your local home improvement or discount store are fairly effective they may not be enough to combat allergies, respiratory ailments, and excessive dust, and must be changed regularly. Larger filters (also called Media) are an easy alternative with less frequent replacement. The use of media requires the installation of a filter rack at the air handler or furnace/coil to accommodate their larger size. These often have a 6-month to 1-year change schedule.

Electronic Air Filter

Electronic air filters are similar to media filters but use ionization to clump particles together allowing the filter to catch fine particulates.

Air Purification

Installing an air purification device is a great way to remove not only dust and allergens, but also odors (including pet and cooking odors), viruses, bacteria, chemicals, VOCs, and mold. We use the APCO brand of air purification equipment. APCO uses a carbon cell with a UV-C light to safely reduce the presence of contaminants in the air and on surfaces. This device is also certified as Ozone-Free. Kills 99% of airborne mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens.

Duct Sealing with AeroSeal

Did you know?

  • Nearly 50% of the average home’s energy bill is spent on heating and air conditioning. Duct leakage in homes costs consumers $25 billion each year.
  • On average 30 cents of every $1 you spend on heating and cooling your home disappears into thin air due to leaky ducts
  • Leaks pull dust and other pollutants into your home, presenting indoor air quality issues and creating and/or aggravating allergy problems.

MechaniCool has partnered with AEROSEAL USA to provide duct sealing services. Aeroseal Duct Sealing is a patented breakthrough technology that tackles leaks from the inside out.

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