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Need a new AC or Comfort System?

Replacing your AC system or Comfort System is a big decision and a big investment in your home. Poorly installed HVAC equipment can have long-lasting effects on the system and your pocketbook! At MechaniCool we recognize that the way we install new systems paves the way for the performance and efficiency of the equipment, and ultimately your comfort.

First things first…sizing is SUPER important! Undersized equipment will never cool properly in our extreme temperatures and oversized equipment shortens the lifespan of the system and affects the overall comfort. Our experienced technicians take into account many factors when sizing equipment, including any changes to the home from original construction, livable square footage, windows, ceilings, occupants and more! We want to be sure the system is right for your home.

After determining size, we provide different efficiency and budget options to fit your individual needs.

Then the real fun begins! Our installation quality is of utmost importance so let’s talk about what we include with our system replacements and what we may do a little differently than your average company.

Our Installations Include

Electric Whip and Disconnect Box with Fuses

The little metal box that hangs on the wall beside the outdoor unit (or next to the unit on the roof), and the electrical that connects it to the unit. This is done because we believe you should never use old electrical on new equipment.

Custom Fabricated Plenum Boxes

Plenum boxes are the metal air distribution boxes at each end of the air handler or furnace/coil. The flex duct that runs through your attic connects to the system through this box. The size of the plenum boxes is important for air flow and static pressure. We custom fabricate them to be sure they fit securely to the unit and minimize air leakage.

Secondary Drain Pan and Moisture Safety Switch

Air conditioning produces condensation which is drained out through the PVC coming from the side of your home (near the roof), as an added safety measure a secondary drain pan and drain (lower PVC) are used in the event the primary drain clogs. The pan prevents water from flowing onto the floor of the attic and ceiling of your home. But, what happens if the secondary drain clogs too?? The moisture safety switch comes to the rescue by preventing the system from running if it detects water in the secondary drain pan.

Hanging Suspension System

We hang our indoor equipment by using a suspension system of Unistrut and All-thread, which allows us to level the unit. A level unit allows the motor and other components to run as they should. Also, as we found out above, water needs to be able to drain from the system. Other hanging mechanisms, such as chains, stretch over time as the metal expands and contracts with temperature changes. In a home where the attic clearance is low, we use a specially fabricated secondary drain pan that supports the unit, and the pan itself is suspended.

Furnace Flue Pipe

If you have a natural gas furnace, we install a new furnace flue pipe with appropriate adapters to be sure of a tight fit with the system and the roof cap. This extra step is for safety by ensuring the fit and sealing of the furnace exhaust.


We have many thermostat options, from the simplest to all the bells and whistles. We work with you to find the right thermostat for you and for your system.

What We Do on Installation Day and Why It's Important

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Financing Available

We offer some great options for financing your system replacement or repair.
6.99% for 120 months with No Prepayment Penalty OR Deferred Interest and No Payments for 12 months.

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