Safety is a big concern in any home. Safety for the occupants, safety for your home, and safety for the comfort system.

Carbon Monoxide Monitors

The use of a natural gas furnace provides the best method of heating and the most efficient in terms of energy consumption. However, a gas furnace has hidden dangers. Leaks in gas lines and cracks in the heat exchanger can expose the home to carbon monoxide. Our Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor will alert you to the presence of carbon monoxide long before traditional alert systems. The NSI 3000 displays readings at 5ppm and sounds an alarm starting at 15ppm, escalating as readings increase. Most retail alarms don’t sound until 70ppm for an extended period and that reading is when symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are already apparent.

Surge Protectors

Your AC system is not only the largest appliance in your home, it is also the largest and most expensive electronic device. There are many electrical components and circuit boards that operate your system. In the event of a power outage or power spike, a surge protector can help safeguard your equipment. It works much like a plugin surge protector you might use inside your home, connected to the system power supply before it enters the unit.

Moisture Safety Switch

The indoor AC coil has to remove the moisture from the air in order to cool it. Your split AC system has 2 drains to remove this water from your home, a primary and secondary drain line. If the primary drain line clogs, the water drains into the secondary drain pan and then out of your home. IF the secondary drain line also clogs you will end up with a ceiling full of water. A moisture safety switch detects water in the secondary drain pan and turns the unit off to prevent accumulation of water until a technician can get to your home to clear the drain lines...preenting costly repairs or insurance claims.

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